Migration of Samuel Braddock (1733-1821), in 1773
    Samuel Braddock emigrated in 1773 from Cheddleton, Staffordshire, England, to the Island of St. John, now known as Prince Edward Island.
    Migration of Thomas Cairns (1783-1863), in 1833
      Thomas Cairns and his wife, Agnes Wilson, emigrated from Dumfriesshire, Scotland with their seven children, settling in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.
      Migration of Tristram Coffyn (1605-1681), in 1642
        Tristram Coffyn and Dionis Stevens emigrated from Plymouth, England, to Newbury, Massachusetts, settling in Nantucket.
        Migration of Edward Converse (1590-1663), in 1630
          Deacon Edward Converse was with John Winthrop and the Great Fleet. With him on the ship was his wife Sarah, and sons Phineas, John, Josiah and James. They left Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, on 8 April 1630, arriving in Salem, Massachusetts, 12 June 1630, after a nine week voyage.
          Migration of John Cory (1611-1660), ca. 1638
            John Cory and his son William, accompanied by John's mother, Agnis Wauker, emigrated from England, settling in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
            Migration of Edward Coy (1725-1795), in 1763
              Edward Coy and Amy Titus emigrated from Pomfret, Connecticut, to Saint John, New Brunswick. They furthered their migration upriver to Canning/Waterborough. They lived in Maugerville (1770), and he died in Upper Gagetown (1795).
              Migration of Matthew Coye (1623-?), in 1638
                Matthew Coye Sr. came to Dorchester, Massachusetts from Lincolnshire, England, at the age of 15, settling in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
                Migration of John Crawford Sr. (ca. 1707-1770), aft. 1729.
                  John Crawford Sr. & his wife, Jane Henderson married ca. 1729 in County Tyrone, Ireland. The birth places of their six children are not known at this writing, so their migration date can only be assumed to be after 1729.
                  Migration of John Crawford Jr. (1738-1818), unknown date
                    John Crawford Jr. was born in Stamford, Connecticut, and died in Kings County, New Brunswick. When he emigrated is not known at this writing.
                    Migration of Edward Doty (ca.1599-1655), in 1620.
                      Edward Doty was an unmarried servant on the Mayflower, in the household of Stephen Hopkins. They joined the Mayflower at Plymouth.
                      Migration of Thomas Drake (1635-1691), ca. 1653
                        Thomas Drake, his father and mother now dead, left for America about 1653, accompanied by his sisters Joane and Elizabeth. Although their emigration would have begun in Colyton, Devonshire, they likely would have sailed from either Weymouth or Plymouth. They likely would have arrived at Boston, and soon settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
                        Migration of William Dyer (1609-1672), in 1634
                          William Dyer and Mary Barrett emigrated on 18 September 1634 on the Griffin, from London, England, landing in Boston, Massachusetts.
                          Migration of Joseph Hull (1596-1665), in 1634
                            Rev. Joseph Hull and his wife Joanna migrated from Crewkerne, Somerset, England leaving England at Weymouth, to Boston, in 1634. Massachusetts in 1634
                            Migration of John Read (1604-1685), in 1630
                              In 1630 John Read left England with the Great Fleet, settling at Salem, Massachusetts.
                              Migration of Capt. John Seaman (1615-1695), in 1630
                                Capt. John Seaman was with John Winthrop and the Great Fleet, consisting of ten vessels and nine hundred immigrants.. They left Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, England, on 8 April 1630, arriving in Salem, Massachusetts, 12 June 1630, after a nine week voyage.
                                Migration of Giles Slocum (1623-1682), in 1637
                                  Giles Slocum emigrated from Plymouth, England, to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1637.
                                  Migration of Robert Titus (c.1600-c.1679), in 1635
                                    They lived in St. Catherines Parish, near Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire, England, before immigrating to Massachusetts. Robert, Hannah and their two children, John (age 8) and Edmond (age 5), sailed from London on April 3rd, 1635 on board the Hopewell. They settled at Brookline, Massachusetts, then moved to Weymouth, Massachusetts, Rehoboth, Massachusetts, then to Huntington, Nassau County, New York (near Cold Spring Harbor), in 1654.
                                    Migration of James Townsend (1739-1806), in 1775
                                      James Townsend and Elizabeth Davis emigrated in 1775 from England to Park Corner, Prince Edward Island.
                                      Migration of David Walker (1762-1844), ca. 1819
                                        David Walker & Margaret Hetherington emigrated from Dumfriesshire, Scotland, ca. 1819, settling in New Annan, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
                                        Migration of George Price Walker (1857-1938), ca. 1887
                                          George Price Walker & Mary Adelaide Clark left Prince Edward Island with their daughter Marjorie and headed to Leadville, Colorado.
                                          Migration of Ira David Walker (1878-1922), bet. 1904-1911
                                            Ira Walker and Bessie Whitehead left Prince Edward Island, settling in Senlac, Saskatchewan.
                                            Migration of Thomas Carroll Walker (1849-1900), in 1872
                                              Tom left New Annan, Prince Edward Island in 1872, marrying and settling in Nathrop, Colorado.
                                              Migration of William White (1592-1620), in 1620
                                                William White and his wife, Susanna, migrated from Southampton, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, on the Mayflower, in 1620.